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YTL Training Programs support disenfranchised communities as they strive to succeed in an inequitable system. As educators, mentors, advocates, and neighbors we create bridges for children and families to overcome the current gaps of disparity. We are guardians of the rights of children and their families, and we will make sure all communities as educators, mentors, advocates, and neighbors will create bridges for children and families to overcome the current gaps of disparity. We will be guardians of the rights of children and their families, and we will make sure all community members are informed of those rights.  By meeting community members where they are, physically and emotionally, we will earn their trust and offer tools they can choose to employ as they work towards prosperity. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a contagious community of compassion in which all human beings are guaranteed access to proper education, health services, safety, and economic stability.

Our Values



  • We know unjust systems continue to disproportionately inflict trauma upon specific communities: people of color, low-income earners, those who identify as anything other than “straight,” those without a home, and those who have paid their debt to society by completing their term in incarceration. 
  • We know all humans are entitled to equal access to high-quality education and comprehensive health services.
  • We know every parent and child should be made aware of the rights lawfully granted to students and their guardians.  Parents and children should be protected from the infringement and/or revocation of these rights by any and all other entities.
  • We know all communities are invaluable contributors to humanity as a whole.  To omit or disregard any culture’s history or presence from any discourse results in an incomplete and false record.  A lack of factual knowledge cultivates fear and hatred resulting in further ineffectual and harmful policies.  An educated public is a compassionate public, and a compassionate society strives to guarantee the success of all people.
  • We believe the necessary strength, ability, and desire to pursue a greater purpose are inherent in all human beings.  We will not attempt to make people better, as we do not believe in insufficient human beings.  Instead, we see a flawed set of systems.  We will work to ensure those systems offer equitable means to prosperity for all people.


We support equitable access to affordable, high-quality education and a diverse curriculum relevant and true to all races, sexual identities, and religions.
We support making ALL spaces safe for all sexual identities.
Poverty and Homelessness:
We support initiatives that ensure a livable wage and equitable access to prosperity for all races and sexual identities.
We support equitable access to all health services, including mental health, for all people.
Addiction and Recovery:
We believe addiction is a disease that takes on numerous forms.

We support equitable access to affordable, evidence-based prevention initiatives and treatment.
Justice System:
We support initiatives focused on the reformation of the current juvenile and adult justice systems from systems of punishment to systems of prevention, rehabilitation, and re-acclimation.

We support the complete abolition of mandatory minimum sentencing.
Childhood Trauma:
We support initiatives creating safe homes, neighborhoods, and schools for children and their families.  

We support the implementation of mindful practices to help children cope and respond to traumatic life experiences in a manner that ensures no further harm to the child.

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